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Surface Impact by Eaters

Album Description

Producer: Tuck Pendleton / Watchmaker
Engineer: Watchmaker
The Eaters 10th album is a landmark in grown up and socially aware hip hop from Scotland for these turbulent times. The album is a vast spectrum of sounds all underpinned by a heavily industrial electronic beat. Parenthood has tuned the band into the social injustices and environmental challenges the
next generation is facing. So, after a near 20-year apprenticeship, and a small but loyal international following and over 100 recorded tracks the band has finally acknowledged that the time has come to overcome their aversion to publicising their work and reach a wider audience and pressed this album on vinyl which is avaliable here for a very reasonable price: Buy Astronomers Office from Qrates here The Astronomer’s Office is their career high so far with every track crafted to stand alone as a single. Based in Fife and Edinburgh, Eaters are four men who should be setting a better example to their kids - if Aldous Huxley and Stanley Kubrick made hip hop it would probably sound a bit like Eaters.



02. Eaters - Surface Impact 00:04:47

Track Info

The title is just an excuse for putting some dope raps down on a fresh beat and acting hard. That could actually be a track description for almost every rap tune ever. We actually made a video for this one too. It's on our you tube channel. Buy the album on lovely vinyl (really good master and pressing) here:
Explicit Notes
Radio edit is available upon request. Drop up a line
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