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 Surf Music Month Challenge (1 Albums, 12 Tracks)


Submit your surf tunes until July 1, 2018!
For the next few weeks, we're opening a submission page for songs about sun, sand, beaches, and SURFING! (Must be in the style of surf music, or including elements of it - reverb, lo-fi production, killer guitar solos, etc.) If you've never submitted a song to FMA before, now's your
chance! We are accepting submissions from now until Monday, July 1st. Your song must meet the following criteria: *can be classified as 'surf' genre or containing elements of the surf genre (for examples check out this playlist) *less than 7 minutes in length *licensed CC BY-SA *must be original work (no covers - but feel free to make a surf version of a song you already wrote or of something in the public domain)