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Gossip by Nctrnm

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Nctrnm - NOVA LP Artwork
Nctrnm - NOVA LP Artwork
Nctrnm March 2021 Logo
Nctrnm March 2021 Logo
Nctrnm February 2021 Logo
Nctrnm February 2021 Logo
Producer: Matthew McGilvery
Engineer: Matthew McGilvery
NOVA is an album that I crafted as an aural escape from the instability of 2020. Producing this album soundtracked my efforts in starting again and being a more full and present person, even in the midst of my recurrent struggles with Chronic Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD. Releasing 3
EPs, 2 singles, and a large array of multimedia content through the year gave my focus and purpose an ember, and the evergreen support from my listeners reignited a flame in me to continue making the art that we enjoy while having the faith and efficacy to handle the rest. The album is dedicated to my grandmother Wilma, and my great aunt Vickie, who passed away towards the end of this album's production, and whose wisdom and grace guide me evermore.



09. Nctrnm - Gossip 00:03:45

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