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Acquaintance by Alex Mason

Album Description

This album describes the post-apocalyptic world, forcing the listener to go to him, feeling every second of music, every moment of history. Each track describes its history, with its tragic end, leading deeper into the world. After listening to the album before the end, you will see the whole story
that will leave you a great impression.   Alexey Maslov (Alex Mason) was born November 18, 1993 in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Musician, composer . More than 5 years ago Alex Mason began writing music style was originally electro-house, with all its rigidity and clear bit, but further development has led to a softer and melodic progressive house. Alex wrote a long time it was house, but as time went on and tastes changed and his life burst progressive trance, almost immediately fall in love with its ease and beautiful melodies. Wrote trans significant part of his life, replaced by the new styles such as instrumental and neoclassical and here comes, what was going to happen, and there begins the ascent set of ideas on songwriting. Now Alex Mason continues to write music exactly these styles and most likely they will accompany him to the end. Also writes music for films, games.



03. Alex Mason - Acquaintance 00:03:50

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