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LOCATION:Budapest, Hungary

David Szesztay (Sestay), a native of Budapest, Hungary, is a multinstrumentalist composer and songwriter for TV and film who is known for his diversity of musical style and genre. He is a master of keyboard, synth and guitar and crafts his music to fit practically any mood or feeling that is needed. David has been writing his own compositions since he was 13. In the early days of his career the world of theater and the music both attracted him very much. He played in several bands on piano, guitar and vocal, while learning acting at an art school. David has composed and orchestrated music for film and theatre, animated shows, scored several live-action movies, a diverse range of international commercials, and more.


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iampetermss on 02/24/16 at 09:48PM
I loved your work! Gonna use one of your tracks for a small video :) Thank you so much for sharing!
JunyTramp on 05/21/16 at 09:13AM
all song or too great!!! Thanlsa lot!!!
pwszmedia on 05/31/16 at 08:52PM
Great tracks! I found them looking for music to my video and couldn't stop listening for few hours!
imagenparaweb on 06/01/16 at 02:01PM
happened the same for as pwszmedia!! the music is awesome!
jon_p on 06/27/16 at 11:55AM
Totally awesome. Lucky Day is just brilliant.

I've used this for a video it really brings out the emotion. Fantastic!
jon_p on 06/27/16 at 11:58AM
Can't seem to find "Lucky Day" on
ARCWuLF on 10/26/16 at 07:23PM
You are PHENOMENAL! I find myself listening to your catalog for fun and enjoyment!
ninjabeats on 12/12/16 at 06:03AM
nice songs. Thanks.
official_immigrations on 02/21/17 at 08:44AM
shoo! so good!
davidleerendon67 on 04/28/17 at 03:56AM
thank you...i wish i had money ..but i what you call ...starving...but if anything happens..i legally know your the man behind the music...i'm jut trying to enjoy everyones jam....i pick what i like..and sing to it...i make no cash...just a long list of songs..made in it..
davidleerendon67 on 04/28/17 at 03:59AM
davidleerendon67 on 05/13/17 at 12:37AM
davidleerendon67 on 05/13/17 at 12:37AM
davidleerendon67 on 05/13/17 at 12:37AM
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