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ange on 03/05/2013 at 01:59PM

Happy Birthday Song Contest Winners

Artwork by Greg Harrison

The votes are all in from our incredible panel of judges, and these three winning songs took the cake!

At this party everybody gets a present now that we have this dynamic Free Birthday Song Repository available for your projects. If you explore for a while, you'll find birthday songs that are incredibly touching, starring adorable children, offered in multiple languages, full of every foul word imaginable, and fun to share with your friends. Plus, the special happy birthday song that America just isn't ready for.



After collaborating on the concept album Emergency SongsMonk Turner + Fascinoma weren't sure is they would ever work together again. "I almost killed him a few times," Fascinoma told us. Monk explains that when they collaborate she's the John Lennon and he's the Paul McCartney. She brings a certain kind of melancholy, and he brings a pop sensibility. You can hear how these different styles compliment each other in their winning song. "It's Your Birthday!" captures a feeling of heartfelt well-wishing with a sound so polished you'll want to run out and buy a tablet computer.

Though the winning song lacks the opportunity to shout out the birthday person's name, there is room to build in a call and response element. You can download the sheet music in the key of B (pdf, google doc) or the key of C (pdf, google doc). Also, check out the alternative versions of the song including two piano tracks and an instrumental version.


Bob Barta specializes in traditional jazz styles on banjo, ukulele and other fretted instruments with the Sunnyland Jazz Band and in his 7-piece Dixieland Jazz Band The Isotope Stompers. In his winning entry, he wishes all the best to Ignatz, which is really a lovely name. This version was a favorite amongst many of our judges for being the closest possible to our current birthday song without crossing the line.

You check out the sheet music for "An Alterative Birthday Song" as a downloadable pdf or a google doc.



This winning song by The Blank Tapes was recorded on a cell phone! The group is headed by LA/San Francisco artist Matt Adams. Like this band itself, everything about the song's sound feels like a secret the West Coast has been keeping from the rest of the country. It was the top pick from our judge Jonathan Coulton who wrote:

This one's simple and singable, but also has a pretty melody with a little bit of action in it. I can imagine groups of grownups singing this as they stare through cameras at their children. I can imagine waiters called out of the kitchen in the middle of whatever they're doing to sing this with some foreign accent in the light of a single candle shoved into a molten chocolate cake. It hits all the marks, while not sacrificing musicality or sentiment.


Want to bring the new birthday songs to your family, classroom, place of work, or next major motion picture? You can request your very own Happy Birthday Song Kit by filling out this form. Once the kit arrives, we encourage you to submit your remixes, renditions, and recordings ofpublic performances.


This contest is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.


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